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I married my high school sweetheart, Chase. Chase has held my hand through thick and thin, and models what a husband, father, and friend should do for our amazing son, Klinton. My family operates a ranch, a trucking business, and I followed my kindergarten dream to became an educator. Currently, I serve as an elementary principal in the Panhandle Plains of Texas and as an adjunct professor. 

A few random facts about me: include, (1) I recently graduated with doctorate in educational leadership (2) we have a pet snake, Pythor, and bearded dragon, Toothless (3) I milk a dairy cow named Juniper (4) I would rather read a book than watch tv.

hello. I'm Tabitha.



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I am a seeker. I am always seeking out beauty, joy, and light. This calling ignited my artistic mind and brought about a love for the art of photography. For over a decade, I have been called to capture beauty and love. I strive to freeze moments in time that radiate love, joy, and emotions that will forever take you back to that feeling.

When I view or look through my personal portraits, I am transported back to the feeling of excitement, celebration, and love felt during the most incredible times of my life. I aim to capture that same moment and feeling for all. I serve my clients by gathering what is the most beautiful to each person, bringing about joy during the session, and filling the portrait with light because light reflects beauty and joy into the image. 

I am a seeker of beauty, joy, and light

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